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Eclectix Composers

Lee McClure founded the Eclectix concert series in 1985 to present living melodic composers of both Jazz and classical music, and to help revive the development of new works growing from the styles of Gershwin, Ravel, Ellington, Weill, and Copland, among others.

From The Eclectix Stage is a collection of 18 audio recordings including one video of performances on Eclectix concert halls from 1985–2001.

When Lee founded Eclectix, he believed there was no concert series that concentrated on new melodic and tonal music. He contends that while Jazz has survived better, new classical melodic music almost completely disappeared from concerts after the 1950s.

To find, promote and perform new melodic works, Eclectix created the Erik Satie Mostly Tonal Award. Winning works of this composition competition were performed, and the composer received a small stipend. See complete history of the competition at Satie Awards.

Of the 130 living composers that Eclectix has presented, 75% wrote new classical music and 25% performed new jazz works. Ten choreographer/dancers performed with new music.

An alphabetical list of all composers present from 1985 to Sept 2019 can be found at Eclectix Composers on this site. A complete list of Jazz composers presented can be found at Eclectix Jazz.