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Lee McClure Works and Performances

with links to recordings, scores, parts, and videos


VOICE 17 baritone, mezzo-soprano, double bass, piano


Symphony No.1 32 jazz drums, orchestra

Symphony No.1 Montage (suite) 8 jazz drums, orchestra


Invocation16a cappella nonet


The Voyage 20 2 pianos or four-hand-piano

Chamber Music


Four Songs From Invocation7 one voice, piano

Invocation 16 one voice, piano

Lullabye/Antonia 14 soprano, piano

Mother And Child Suite 10 soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, piano

Sign Off Devotional 6 voice, piano

Wake Her Up 4 soprano, piano


Lament And Celebration 12 flute, clarinet, double bass

Litany II 14 2 trumpets, French horn, trombone, tuba

Magenta Suspension 5 flute, guitar

Three Telemann Arrangements flute, guitar

Variations on a Theme for Ann 13 flute, bassoon, cello

Electric Flute

Acid Glide
Cab Rock Riff four flutes

Dreaming Of The One (MIDI) clarinet, trumpet, elec. guitar, piano, elec. bass, drumkit
Flute Generator (Tom Blatt Project – 6 musicians)
I Want To Talk About You (Billy Ekstine)
Peaceful Chords
Swan Over Moonlit Lake (Ravel)
Tenri Gallery Extreme Flute Effects

The Eclectix Quintet

The Leeward Islands

Composed with:

  • Lee McClure, elec. flute
  • Veronica Lewis, vocals
  • Roger Blanc, elec. guitar
  • Billy Eric, elec. bass
  • Brian O’Neill, percussion

Eclectix Dance Company

Lux Songo (György Ligeti, Carlos Campos)
Iberian Backbeat
Hiphop Tabla Surrey With The Beatles On Top (The Beatles, Zakir Hussain, Rodgers & Hammerstein)

Lee McClure Electric Flute (CD)

Bali Ha'i (Richard Rodgers)
Naima (John Coltrane)
Cerulean Narrows
Daphnis and Chloe (Ravel)
Corrente (J. S. Bach)
Siciliano (J. S. Bach)

Black Light (CD)

Composed with Barry Wedgle, guitar
and (tracks marked ) with Eddie Hall, percussion

Midnight Camel Caravan
Magenta Suspension
Burnt Sienna
Buoyant Saffron
Ultramarine Electron Cloud
Permanent Violet
Alizarin Crimson
Sunrise Chartreuse
Golden Ochre